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Jehlum, the most famous tributary of the Kashmir Valley has provided succor to its inhabitants for centuries. It has catalyzed indigenous cultures, its eclectic ethos and weaved a rich tradition into its lore. Jehlum also called Veyth has fired the imaginations of religions, Sufis, Rishis and brought about a cultural confluence that is unique to the region.
Thirty  Five years back, Kanwal Foods & Spices (I) Pvt. Ltd started as a water mill on the banks of river Jehlum catering to the local market with the motto to provide 'honest spice' to people that cherished local aroma to add colours and taste to the fabled Kashmiri cuisine.
Three decades later, we have grown into an industry  with more than 35 crores [about 7 million US dollars] annual turnover with more than 80 percent market share in Jammu and Kashmir, providing direct employment to 200 employees and indirect employment to more than 1500 families.

Founded in state-of-the-art  manufacturing facilities, innovative techniques, ever-improving research and development, rigorous quality control checks, constant efforts and endeavors, Kanwal Foods & Spices (I) Pvt. Ltd has evolved as a quality player in the food sector in India with an inherent ability to manufacture and export a wide range of basic spices powder, spice blends, ready-to-cook products and instant mixes and an "ever-growing appetite" for product diversification.

Besides spices and other edibles, we also process, package and market Kashmiri pure saffron, cholesterol-free Kashmiri Acacia honey and packaged drinking water under the brand-name "Treish" (Drinking Water) in line with international standards.

The growth of Kanwal Foods & Spices (I) Pvt. Ltds, ever since its inception in 1977 has been driven by a "customer centric" approach, weaving-in the ideals of quality and authenticity, it has achieved excellence in terms of consumer satisfaction and market domination.   

Our products are available in the domestic market under the brand-name "Kanwal" (Lotus Flower) and Al Amin (The Honest One) in the international market.