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Kanwal Foods & Spices (I) Pvt. Ltd. commenced operations as a manufacturer and distributor of basic and blended spices and instant and ready mixes and stood out as a company of repute in the Food Industry. The company pioneered the processing and packaging of spices, blended spices, pastes and gravies, jams and jellies, instant and ready mixes, introduced the best mineral water from Kashmir besides some unique traditional recipes of the region which were developed completely indigenously.


We have built up a reputation as one of the most innovative indigenous companies in Jammu and Kashmir, while promoting trade relationships that go beyond “confines” of the mountainous terrains of the Valley.


The company gradually etched itself into the Indian and global foods market by maintaining quality control and best operations. The company in fulfilment of its mission of pursuit of excellence was certified by ISO and HACCP, Ag Mark and the Spices Board of India.