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Innovation & Diversification

As for the products that are already being processed, packaged and marketed by us are concerned we are open to the opinions and tastes of our consumers. We are always aiming to provide the widest possible variety of food products and spices blends to our consumers.

We are also conducting R&D in the value addition on Kashmiri dry fruits, manufacturing of world-class packaged dehydrated fruits and vegetables besides organic fruit based sauces, fruit juices and concentrates.  The quality standards and the taste and aroma of these yet-to-be-introduced items are cut to suit the global consumer. The idea is to take the tastes of Kashmir to the world.

We have a well-qualified team of microbiologists, food scientists and dieticians who work as team towards the improvement and diversification of our product range. The R&D division works in tandem with our sales and marketing teams and collects data, regarding the tastes, cultural affinities, suggestions of consumers as also market demands. The complied data is woven into automated computerized databases, which provides a sound foundation for research and development. Our R&D team aims to achieve excellence through a systematic process, powered by proven methodologies and tools that meet the stringent R&D quality, budget, and schedule goals. Through systematic analysis of R&D business processes, reengineering of those processes, and a creation of an effective R&D productivity measurement system, we aim to improve and diversify our products and services.

We go by the belief that the tastes of Kashmiri people are very refined and that is the source of the Company’s catchphrase “Adding Kashmiri Flavour to Global Cuisine”. In this direction, attempts to conserve traditional recipes have dotted the growth of Kanwal brand all along. Some recent additions to the product line include an almost forgotten recipe for “We’er” a certain kind of “Masala Tikki” (spice cake), an excellent ready mix of Kashmiri “Qehwah” and a zesty Kashmiri Traditional Vegetable Pickles. We also conducted extensive research into the manufacturing of Saffroni Kashmiri Qawah and today a ready-mix under the name of “Shahi Qawah” is selling extensively all over the country.