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In the community where we are located, we strive continually to be responsible corporate citizens. In line with our corporate values of Care, Support and Empathy in reaching out to communities served, the company is looking into initiatives aimed at promoting and supporting initiatives related to health, education and humanitarian services. We are thus positioning ourselves to lead the culture of service excellence in the industry tomorrow and into the future.

Aiding Agriculture and Entrepreneurship

Our CSR involvements include, participating in and triggering community development programs, partnering with non-government and civil society organizations and other government bodies for the betterment of the society of the Jammu and Kashmir, supporting large-scale causes such as disaster relief and other causes, rural development, development of communities locate around our plants, education of the girl child, scholarships and merit scholarships in the education sector besides imparting technical and vocational training to boys and girls from the financially weaker segments of the society, health-care and sanitation drives, afforestation drives, “keep the environment clean” drives besides several other programmes aimed at developing better citizens with social and civic integrity besides programmes intended to encourage entrepreneurship in the State under the banner of providing sustainable livelihood to the people.


Perhaps the most vital part of our CSR involvement concerns development of the agriculture and horticulture sectors in Jammu and Kashmir. We have around 150 kanals of farm land wherein we are currently working on model and pilot projects for the cultivation of various crops for instance Kashmiri chillies, mint, fenugreek, cumin, all of which are only produced at a non-commercial scale in Kashmir even though the market for such products is so very promising besides excellent scope in the export zone.

While Saffron is cultivated on a large scale in Kashmir, but there is need for the ratification and certification of pure Kashmiri saffron as in the recent decade many unscrupulous elements focused on easy money have misaligned the true image of Kashmiri saffron by selling adulterated and low quality saffron in the name of Kashmiri saffron.  At present we are trying our level best to help the saffron cultivating community in Kashmir by way of persuading the Government of India to setup a state-of-the-art herbs and aromatic plants certification laboratory in Kashmir.


Cultivating Sportsmanship

Besides supporting environmental, social, economic and arts-based causes we see sports as a way to meet social and community obligations. We at Kanwal regard sport as a much more influential channel than the arts; reaching and engaging with more people from across the entire social and demographic spectrum. We believe that sport is an effective CSR medium because it boasts values that any socially-responsible business should be striving for besides inculcating sportsmanship into youth keeps them at bay from indulging in unhealthy and asocial activities. These include fair play to everyone involved including employees and suppliers, transparency and opportunities for all to succeed, as well as good community relations. Under our CSR agenda we have formed our own sports club in the name of Kanwal Sports Club which is aimed at honing the talent of the sports savvy youth of the state. Under the Club we have our own teams for cricket, hockey, football etc. Talented youth are inducted into the Club via a stringent series of trails which are held at the local level after which best-in-the-class training is imparted to the youth by our specialized coaches. The youngsters who qualify the prelims go on to participate in state and national level matches and tournaments. We are proud to say that some of the youth associated with our club have made it to the top.